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 I am John,the main cameraman/editor.  Creative Video Troon has quietly built a reputation for producing excellent wedding videos for over many years. If you look at the quality of the work, the exposure, the colours, the skin tones, the framing, the sheer volume of imagery captured,then you would be forgiven for thinking that we should be one of the most expensive video services around. 

 We provide a service that compliments your photography and will enhance your memories of the day.  When you view the images that we capture alongside those taken by your photographer, you will be so glad that you have both to enjoy.


Proud to be recommended by many of the very best Photographers in Ayrshire and beyond.

A recommendation by a fellow professional is something that should never be given out lightly .

for girls who like romance

I have a nice balance in my life, between work, rest and play that helps me to deliver top quality results time after time. When it comes to the workload it's worth remembering that filming is just the tip of the iceberg. I typically spend another 3 days or more editing and doing post production work.

I choose to provide a genuine professional quality service and my workload policy means that I can continue to perform to exacting high standards throughout the entire year. Our customers benefit in many ways. One of which is not having to wait months to get the DVD's.

Culzean Castle

Recommendation, Creative Video are more than just another wedding video company
Sherbrooke Castle Hotel

What can i say John and Jane we are absolutely blown away with this dvd over 2 hours of amazing footage, you captured just about everything. We have sat and laughed,re-lived, and i have to say i had a few tears at times as well. I always knew it be good i just didn't realise how good it goes way way above even my own expectations ( which are always high).The quality and professionalism of you both as well as capturing the most precious moments for us. We can not thank you enough. To be honest i am lost for words as i am so overwhelmed with it.We watched countless wedding videos in the run up to our wedding day and we have to say hands down you are by far the best of hundreds we watched. Everyone should use you. You certainly know how to capture/edit and give unbelieveable quality. To be honest i hardly saw you at all so no idea how you caught all this footage where were you hiding ?? LOL. William eventually got to see me come down the aisle and you even managed to capture my small error in the vows haha which had us both in fits of laughter as William missed that part and was desperate to see it. Thank you so so much i can't wait till everyone sees it, and i'm sure some of my family will want a copy as well. I'm off to bed now to watch it again . If you ever need any reviews done ANYWHERE please let us know we would be more than happy to recommend you to everyone. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart i just never realised how much i missed on the day and thanks to you and Jane i have seen everything now and feel so happy. A fantastic combination in you and Grant Mckelvie ( Dream Day Photography) our Photographer who we can not praise highly enough also and will do a seperate review for him soon Best regards Angela and William xxx

Some Testimonials
James McArthur - Crystal Palace

Visit our Facebook page if you wish to read more reviews.Some suppliers do not allow their customers to post reviews on Facebook because on numerous occassions very bad feedback has been left. They have no way of removing bad reviews and leaving just the good ones. so they are forced to block all reviews. Some still copy and paste positive feedback to their timelines and this may mislead you! Beware of Wedding Videographers that do not allow customers to post reviews to Facebook.

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