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E-Mail is the most unreliable way for a business to communicate with you. Lots of people check their e-mail on a mobile phone but how often do they check the Junk mails folder?  More often than not our reply to your enquiry will end up in that Junk mail folder. The Telephone is our preferred way of making initial contact.

Most e-mails will be answered the same day and certainly with 24 hours - if you don't hear back from us in that timescale then please give us a call - e-mail is not always as reliable as you may think

John Boyd 8 Coyle Park Troon Ayrshire KA10 7LB

Current prices -you can download a booking form with prices at the bottom of this page.
Lochgrren House Hotel wedding

We don't do a hard sell and never try to push our most expensive options. We do offer honest advice in the hope that our experience and knowledge will help you.

Please compare our pictures, our skills, our production values and our content against the most expensive or the very best that you can find. There are many things , some obvious , some subtle that we do better than most and if you can see them, then you may start to appreciate why we continue to be successful and why so many families would not dream of looking elsewhere.  We are proud to provide exceptional quality at a value for money price .

Guest Messages
House for an Art Lover Wedding

 Guest messages :- If someone wants to leave a message on camera then we are happy to include this free of charge. If you want more formal coverage with a designated one hour time slot set aside then there is an extra charge of £100 . We feel that the best time to film these is between the end of the meal and before the first dance. It is recommended that in such circumstances the speeches are before the meal. They can also be filmed after we have recorded the first few dances but remember that not every venue can provide a suitable interview location where the noise from the dance floor is not intrusive. I usually find that I have to spend most of the one hour time slot trying to persuade people to leave a message rather than actually filming. It works best if you let those most important to you, know in advance that this is happening and organise and provide an interview list for the cameraman.

Sample DVD
House for an Art Lover

You are welcome to request a sample DVD but if you are able to come and visit us then we should be able to pick out previous weddings from our archives showing your venues and or your photographer's style of work. The personalised approach will show you the true picture quality and is obviously going to be more relevant to your plans

Every wedding is filmed and edited to the same high standard and with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment as we give to the most expensive services. A wedding takes 3 to 4 days of highly skilled work to film and edit. Some people think videography is expensive but try comparing our fees to the hourly rate charged by Humanist Celebrants, Pipers and many other suppliers. Remember you get to relive, share and  enjoy the memories that we capture. There are no hidden costs and there is no need to provide us with a meal.
Your wedding is filmed and edited in High Definition as this preserves as much detail and sharpness as possible before being down converted for DVD.

It takes a lot of extra hours to author to Blu Ray  or USB in High Definition with stunning picture quality and we do recommend the upgrade costing £100.

With the USB option you will be able to make cheap digital copies for any family members who wish to enjoy the far superior HD quality.  It is not possible to put chapters on the USB so I break it down into smaller files so that you can locate the part that you want to see more quickly.

Western House

Have a think about this
The ceremony, from the Bride walking down the aisle to signing the Register will last anything between 15 to 30 minutes on average. These are the things that I imagine you would like to see when your video is replayed - a good view of the bridal party walking down the aisle, shots where you can see both faces of the Bride and Groom as they make their promises, reaction shots from the Parents,Bridesmaids and guests during the ceremony to make your film more interesting and emotional.
NOW - do you think that all of that is possible with only one camera doing the filming?
The answer is no, and that is why for a little extra, I offer a second camera to provide the kind of memories and coverage that you deserve to have.


Payment of Deposit & Balance

The deposit for 2020 weddings and onwards is £150 and the balance is due no later than 3 weeks before the wedding.

You can pay by cash, by cheque payable to Creative Video Troon or direct into our Bank Account - details of a/c numbers will be supplied. You can pay the deposit by PayPal but not the balance as significant fees are deducted from that payment.

Special Lockdown service £550 ask for details

When normal wedding format resumes 2021 Onwards

Most of our weddings now happen at a single venue and for that I am changing to more inclusive program. This format is designed to allow me to get the best possible results from your day and to present them to you in a way that will delight you.

If this service does not suit your requirements then please get in touch, tell me what you want and I will provide a quote. ***

Because I will be using 2 cameras to film the ceremony, the price only applies to single venue weddings where everything takes place under the one roof

*** Church and Chapel weddings will be subject to individual quotes ***

2021 Prices start at £700 -  All programs give you 3 copies on DVD.

Single camera coverage from an hour before the ceremony through to the 2nd dance £700 plus a second unmanned camera to cover the ceremony from a different angle. There are a few hotels in Ayrshire where the layout or lack of space prohibits the use of a second camera in an effective role and in those circumstances, single camera coverage would be provided at £600. Use of a 2nd camera is preferred as this  provides a cover shot, enabling the main cameraman to pick out the best shots within the room whilst having the reassurance of a safety net, to give a more professional finish.

If the Bride is getting ready in the same venue as the ceremony then I will get there a little earlier to film some of the preparations at no extra cost.

Additional options/upgrades

A Highlights Version lasting about 12 minutes, with slow motion, black and white and other effects as appropriate to enhance the presentation. £100 The best parts of your day will be cherry picked for your viewing pleasure.

A Video Stills slideshow lasting 8 minutes or more. Many of these shots will be different to those provided by your photographer. If you have see one of our presentations then I am sure this element will be on your wish list £100

A dreamy flashback sequence featuring your first dance intermixed with memorable moments from your day. A joy to watch £60. This can be an alternative to the Highlights version or as an addition.

We have had a few enquiries recently for a USB option... These can be provided at £100 each This gives you a HD copy of your wedding video. We source and use only reputable media and not novelty wedding USB Sticks. We cannot guarantee that the footage will play on your television as there is no universal standard and too many variables. I can tell you that the video footage does play on our LG set. The file will play on a computer with appropriate software but we can accept no responsibilty if your smart TV set cannot handle the high data rate.

If there is anything that you would wish to have that is not listed then please ask.


We can put you in touch with a specialist who is fully qualified to pilot a drone. Filming weddings is always a time sensitive occupation and trying to use a drone myself would have a negative impact on the filming of other parts of the day. We recommend using a qualified  independent operator for this specialist job.

Booking Form for download 2020 onwards

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